Saturday, November 21, 2009


With Thanksgiving coming up, I figured I'd put up some recipes that could come in handy for that- lots of desserts, and side dishes, and anything else that seems holiday/get-together like, in case anybody actually looks at this thing and can get some good ideas.
My husband has told his single troops/troops without any family that they are welcome in our home for Thanksgiving. He told me there are only about 6, so it wouldn't be too many people. So far, we don't have any takers. And honestly, I'm kind of glad. I really don't think I'm up for cooking for a crowd this year, especially with the problems I've had with my back all week. Now don't get me wrong, I love to cook for people and take care of others- it's what I do. One Thanksgiving in Japan, I had broken a bone in the top of my foot just a few days before Thanksgiving, and had already planned on cooking a full Thanksgiving meal for the cops that were having to work that day, PLUS cooking another full meal for our family. And instead of crapping out on them at the last minute and leaving them hanging with no meal while they were working hard, I hobbled around my kitchen with a giant cast on my leg and I cooked them a feast. A whole turkey, homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, dressing, corn, carrots, dumplins, rolls, a few desserts, and I can't even remember what else there might have been. Aaron and I loaded it all up in the car (and I had to navigate up and down a very steep flight of stairs to and from our apartment) and drove it over and set it all up. They were very grateful, Aaron even got a coin from the Commander for it. And I went home and did it all over again for us. And it made me feel good. But I just don't really feel like entertaining a bunch of folks that I don't even know, in my own home, while cooking them a feast. Too much pressure for me right now. We are usually back home with my parents for Thanksgiving, but that didn't work out this year. But so far, here is what I plan on cooking:
-a whole turkey breast (not worth it to me to do a whole turkey this year, GI Joe doesn't care much for turkey and wanted ham instead, but I have to make some turkey)
-a spiral sliced glazed ham
-green bean casserole
-dressing (we don't generally do "stuffing" in the South. You just don't go shoving food up the hind-end of a turkey. You cook it on the side, it usually involves cornbread, and it is delicious)
-dumplins (yes, DUMPLINS, not dumplings with a "G", again with the Southern-ness, you just gotta say it right! And it isn't those long flat things in a box that you cook up, it's biscuit dough boiled in chicken broth. Mmmmm)
-jellied cranberry sauce in a can. The stuff that's shaped like a can. That alone says Thanksgiving!
-glazed carrots
-homemade rolls
-pumpkin cheesecake

And that's what it looks like so far. Probably won't change, unless people decide to join us. Then it will just be larger amounts of that stuff, and I'll probably also add in a big pot of homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, and another dessert. And some appetizers (maybe cheese/crackers/veggies/fruit, and sausage balls).
Now, I'm off to post some recipes.

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