Monday, June 7, 2010

Restaurant Style Smashed Potatoes

We had these with steak a few nights ago, and it is my new favorite way to eat potatoes!!!

6 whole Large Red Potatoes
1 stick Butter, Softened And Cut Into Pieces (I used light butter)
5 slices Bacon, cooked and crumbled
2 whole Green Onions, Sliced
3/4 cups Sour Cream (I used reduced fat)
Salt To Taste (add Plenty!)
Freshly Ground Black Pepper To Taste (ditto!)
3/4 cups French Fried Onions, More For Topping ( I didn't use these, didn't think that sounded good. I shredded up some sharp cheddar instead to use as a topping!)

Microwave potatoes or bake in the oven until fork-tender (don't forget to pierce them!). Add to a large bowl and smash with a potato masher, leave them chunky, you don't want smooth. Immediately add softened butter, green onions, bacon, and sour cream and stir with a rubber spatula. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add french fried onions and fold in (like I said, I left these out). Serve hot, sprinkling on extra french fried onions and green onions (I sprinkled on cheddar and more green onions instead).

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