Monday, October 5, 2009

Meal Plan for the week of Oct 4-Oct 10

This is always subject to change, but I try to stick to the meal plan each week.

Sun Oct 4- whole roasted chicken, mushroom couscous (recipe has been posted, search for "side dishes" in search box to the side), roasted carrots, baby spinach salads, Hawaiian rolls
Mon Oct 5- spaghetti, garlic bread, salad
Tues Oct 6- crock pot pepperoncini roast, rice, carrots, homemade rolls (recipes for roast and rolls to come in the next few days)
Wed Oct 7- veggie burgers on homemade buns (recipe posted for buns, I'll figure out how to link to one of my own posts later :P), boxed macaroni, steam in the bag frozen corn
Thurs Oct 8- pork chops, homemade applesauce, green beans, some kind of rice or potato dish, leftover homemade rolls
Fri Oct 9- Fridays are normally an open day. We sometimes watch a movie together as a family or play video games, so we sometimes do something fun like order pizza or chinese, or I make frozen or homemade pizzas. I don't know what we'll decide on this Friday yet.
Sat Oct 10- tacos, refried beans, mexi rice (recipe for rice to come)

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